User Experience Portfolio

Using qualitative and quantitative methods to empathize with users, understand their behaviours, and facilitate their goals

Human-Computer Interaction Research

My research on mobile interaction methods and evaluating handheld input devices

Computer Science Teaching

A summary of the Computer Science topics I taught as a university professor, including links to course materials

I am a user experience (UX) researcher at IBM in Markham, Ontario. I am also a former professor, with experience conducting human-computer interaction research, designing and delivering adult learning strategies, and developing AWS and Java-based webservices at Amazon.

Steven J. Castellucci
  • Designs and conducts usability studies, benchmarking, surveys, interviews, and performs statistical analyses to aid user-centred designs and gain user insights
  • Effectively communicates complex topics to non-expert diverse audiences and stakeholders
  • Familiar with adult learning theories, modern teaching methodologies, and learning management systems