Text Entry Metrics for Android

Text Entry Metrics for Android (TEMA) is an application to calculate text entry performance and accuracy measurements on portable devices running Android OS 1.5 or later. TEMA logs individual input events, as well as words-per-minute and error rate values.

This application functions independently of the input method (IME) used. Therefore, multiple IMEs can be evaluated without any modification or reinstallation of TEMA. TEMA facilitates analyses of existing IMEs as well as new prototypes.


For additional information regarding TEMA, please view this video and the following academic papers:

Castellucci, S. J., and MacKenzie, I. S. (2013). Gathering Text Entry Metrics on Android Devices. Proceedings of the International Conference on Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction � MHCI 2013. Ottawa: International ASET Inc. [PDF]

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TEMA v1.0, 122 kB

TEMA v1.1, 122 kB

TEMA v1.2, 125 kB

TEMA v1.3, 127 kB

TEMA v2.0, 243 kB

TEMA v2.1, 245 kB

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